Musings from afar

Here are the adventures of a fifty-something woman, who liberated herself from the daily grind of Corporate IT after 25 years, leaving behind friends and family to embark on the best challenge of my life.

The above menu will take you to my previous adventures prior to the world turning upside down.

And now the adventure continues..

In Cahoots

Amazing things have been happening to me, in that doors have opened as my mind and soul have healed and rejuvenated, I didn’t realise how broken I was when I first left the UK after nearly 25 years working in Corporate IT. All my passion, motivation and enthusiasm had been slapped down so many times … Continue reading In Cahoots

Finding my way

The last month has been so busy. I have been finding my feet and working out what is possible in this new world of ours. Watching the events unfold in the UK is slightly surreal, from the Burgau bubble. Manhunha has moved onto to his new Swiss owners, Marlise and Anthony, a lovely Swiss couple. … Continue reading Finding my way

Settling in nicely

Here I am happily ensconced in Burgau, my home for the foreseeable future due to travel restrictions within Portugal. The GNR are hot on the case of Motorhome park-ups, having issed over 300 fines to campers parked near to beaches or within the National Park. This is the whole of the West coast from Sines … Continue reading Settling in nicely