Things I’ve learnt in Portugal (so far)

Be sure you understand how to use the Tumble driers at the local InterMarche or your slippers may come out smaller than when they went in. Accidentally programmed it for 80 mins – I think everything was a size smaller when it came out – apart from the queue of people waiting to use itContinue reading “Things I’ve learnt in Portugal (so far)”

Whoop Whoop, this is the sound of the Police

After my self-induced chemical peel, I needed to visit the 10 euro Spa to sloth the last bit of my skin. I felt like a reptile shedding a complete skin. We decided to try a new park up on the edge of Portimao by Praia da Rocha and parked up the night before to beContinue reading “Whoop Whoop, this is the sound of the Police”